Project Description
The Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework combines the reliability and efficiency of managed code with the premier development tools of Microsoft Visual Studio® to deliver exceptional productivity for developing embedded applications on small devices. The Microsoft .NET Micro Framework SDK supports development of code, including device I/O, in the C# language using a subset of the .NET libraries, and is fully integrated with the Microsoft Visual Studio® development environment. The .NET Micro Framework class library supports all major namespaces and types from the desktop framework, managed drivers support, Remote Firmware Updates and Cryptographic functions for Secure Devices. This CodePlex project allows building the full SDK and Porting Kit (PK) installers and it includes the RTIP TCP/IP stack from EBSnet Inc., the lwIP open source TCP/IP stack and the OpenSSL distribution.
Additional Note:
The .NET Micro Framework is subject to the Apache License, version 2.0.  In addition to the source code that we make available here, we have also packaged the Micro Framework as part of an SDK and as part of a Porting Kit.  Within the Porting Kit, we have also included, as a convenience for you, the following third-party open-source code:  lwIP and OpenSSL.  Each of these is governed by their respective licenses, and we have simply appended those licenses immediately after the Apache License, version 2.0 in the license.rtf file.  You can see a copy of that file in the Download tab (we have put it in a Word Doc format and called it the “.NET Micro Framework SDK and PK License”). 
In addition, as another convenience for you, we have also included on this project certain binary-only files:  namely an RTIP TCP/IP stack from EBSnet, Inc., and a set of cryptography libraries.  These are downloadable from the Downloads page of this project.  The license text for each of these are also available on the Downloads page of this project as well.
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2014 Jun 16
In preparation for the longer term future of .NET MF we are in the process of some changes to the use of CodePlex. (Including switching to a GIT repository model to make things easier for a true OSS development process). As part of this transition everyone's permissions were reset to "editor" status, thus denying check-in permissions on the TFS tree. Fear not! This isn't a permanent change. We'll have more details on the results of the changes and the process for contributing into the official repositories in the very near future so stay tuned.
-Steve Maillet
Senior Architect .NET Micro Framework

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