Timer Hardware Interrupts


I hit a stone wall when evaluating .NETMF on a STM32F4xx when, to my total surprise, it became clear that you could not configure the device hardware timers and related interrupt service routine using .NETMF.

The hardware vendor selling the module is blaming .NETMF.

I found this a bit hard to believe, but.. well maybe. Their tinyclr, or .netmf, one of the two, is absolutely constructing ISRs for everything from SPI and UART, to cameras and Ethernet. Why not the 17 built in interrupt timers that the ST datasheet is boasting?

I'm not versed on Arduino, but in a single Bing search I found a "how to configure hardware timers instructional video". So its not impossible for a C# based OS layer to do this.

If I can't use the most basic chip features, then I really cant use .NETMF? Is that true? What's the story?

Thanks. (and I'm not angry.. I'm just hoping that SOL is not the answer, because I love using VS for embedded, and would hate to dump it over something trivial like this.)


Maverick_sky wrote Oct 6, 2013 at 8:54 PM

Hello everybody,
I'm also surprised that is impossible to use built in timers/counters. Is somebody know why?