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Remove Environment Variables And Improve Build Support


Since I myself admit that I have taken precious time over stupid problems related to a single environment variable and that it has now happened more than once I propose that we move all the environment variables to arguments given the relevant processes. I also propose there is an additional verify batch file which runs given the arguments and the result output and runs checks or calls code to ensure the process has succeeded and is linked correctly.
This would obviously help others and ensure that things are more verbose on a build process which could potentially take some more precious time.
Either all of some of this such as the build verification would be very helpful to users when a failure occurs because it can explain or hint to why and if not tell them where to get help.
I feel that in this respect that you could even one-up popular build processes in favor of something more modern and fresh.
Additionally I would think that all of the various build scripts should and could be consolidated into a single 'make' batch file named 'build.bat' or otherwise which took optional arguments for who and what to build. This would be confirmed as per the above suggestions.
Thank you in advance if received well.


juliusfriedman wrote May 16, 2012 at 11:58 PM

Furthermore please add a confirmation to the build process which highlights given arguments before it's compilation.

juliusfriedman wrote May 16, 2012 at 11:59 PM

{This or any of the above could technically be skipped with additional argument(s)}

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