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These are the principles and structure:

1) Existing release branches (client_4_1, client_4_2, …) will keep existing as from the beginning
2) There will be a development branch, called ‘current’, where we will continuously support NETMF until next official release by publishing fixes, new features and so on…
3) 4.3 release branch will be called ‘release_4_3’ and it will be a direct child of ‘current’
4) Subsequent releases will have their own branch
5) There will be a community branch where PKStudio and other community project will live. This will be a direct child of the development branch.

Any future QFEs will be directed to the release branch they target and integrated upwards to the development branch. Below the old and new branch structure.

Old structure 

Old branch structure

New structure

New branch structure

The community branch will be accessible to community member with R/W privileges. The development branch and release branches will be accessible to MS only (exceptions possible on occasion).

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